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  • But I might need it someday!

    But I might need it someday!

    I’ve got so much stuff sitting around that I won’t throw away because I might need it someday. It’s quite a challenge in our little flat. As an example: at least three different glasses cases. (One of them probably holds the reading glasses the doc wants me to use.) Today I’ve been going through various…

  • Weight limit

    I suited up to ride yesterday morning. Once again I started with the idea of a long ride, 130km or more, and by the time I was ready to go out the door I’d cut that goal in half. As as I was preparing for le départ, Nana was watching the hanging bug repeller swinging…

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  • Sagami exploration

    Sagami exploration

    Yesterday was a test ride to the Sagami Lake region. I’ve been there before by climbing Otarumi Touge and then looping back through Kanagawa Prefecture. That’s a long ride of 130km or so, and of course involves climbing a mountain pass. Instead, by riding more directly towards Sagami Lake, and through traffic, I hoped to…

  • Haneda: le Grand Retour

    The weather forecast was very changeable leading into the weekend, but it looked like the temperature would not rise above 32C, which has been pretty much my limit these past few years. When I checked the evening before, the forecast for Saturday was overcast but with little chance of rain, so I contacted José and…

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  • The Whole Enchilada

    The Whole Enchilada

    After yesterday’s learning experience, I was confident that Kuroko was up for a nice, long ride. The only question was whether I wanted to challenge Otarumi Touge once more, or do the length of the Tamagawa cycling course, which I haven’t done since January. Considering the relative amounts of climbing involved and my recent training…

  • Stories I could tell

    When I racked up more than half of my 400km ride total in September via commuting, I related a few stories of things I’d seen. I rode my first commute of October today, and garnered a couple of more tales on my way home this evening. But they’re thirsty! There’s a brief rise just about…

  • A place of my own

    After realizing that Dionysus was already rusting following the total repaint, and part of the reason was rubbing against the concrete block where I was parking her at work, I decided to get a bike stand and put it in my office.