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  • It’s not all struggling uphill in the rain

    It’s not all struggling uphill in the rain

    A rare photo of Fearless Leader Joe relaxing over sushi with Guy Jean and Nana. (As I recall, we talked bikes and books. Pretty much in that order.)

  • One out of three ain’t bad

    The next big adventure will be Kyoto-Nara-Osaka-Kyoto, a two-day trip at the end of this month together with L2P veterans Fearless Leader Joe and Sanborn. My plan is to ship the bike out and follow on by shinkansen. The lads had discussed (and more recently apparently affirmed) staying in tents for the night, but in…

  • Hamura ride with my son

    Hamura ride with my son

    The Hamura ride is one of my standards, a nice, flat 100km round trip that I take if I can spend 8 or more hours on the road but am not quite up to a new challenge (like the Yokohama round trip, or perhaps Kamakura). The route is (mostly) smooth bike path free of automobile…