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  • Messin’ with the Kid

    Messin’ with the Kid

    One of my goals in getting a new bike was to pass along Ol’ Paint to my son, and we accomplished that yesterday with a father-son ride along my usual Haneda round-trip route. The lad showed up early on Saturday and I gave him a few pointers as we prepped for the ride. We hit…

  • Previous triumphs

    Fearless Leader Joe and his brother on their arrival in Paris in 2013

  • Beyond middle-age crazy

    Cycling from London to Paris — 300-some kilmoeters over a period of three days, between two major cities in different countries — sounds like an activity for healthy young enthusiasts on featherweight carbon-fibre bikes. At 54 years old, I’m past the middle-age crazy stage (I hope). L2P is a ride I want to ride for…

  • The riders

    We have 15 riders signed up, which Fearless Leader Joe says is the limit that he’s willing to organize. Among these are at least six L2P veterans. We have at least three countries of residence represented: England, Japan and Australia. And Joe has confirmed there are no Canadians this year. I haven’t got all the…