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  • Goodbye, 2023!

    Goodbye, 2023!

    I’ve been meaning to get back to the Three Rivers ride for at least a month now, but I hadn’t had the dedication to get rolling early enough. Yesterday I was up at 5 and Nana got up at 6. When I told her I would like to start at 7 or 7:30, she got…

  • Tama-Iruma-Arakawa


    After yesterday’s gully-washing rain, it dawned cloudy this morning, with mixed weather forecasts. When Nana woke up, though, she said there was no chance of rain. I was determined to ride the three rivers, which I’d originally done with José for my kanreki. It’s also the ride I’d set out to do during Golden Week,…

  • Kanreki ride

    Kanreki ride

    It’s been nearly a month since my last ride with the Halfakid. I had a week off while he was working, and then I was traveling with Nana two weekends in a row. Meanwhile, the Kid had his second vaccine and was ready to flex his wings. We huddled over the plans for this weekend,…