Category: Tamagawa

  • Omamori Run

    Omamori Run

    It’s been a very rainy week, culminating in a typhoon Friday that rather fizzled out. The forecast for Saturday was not very optimistic, but it was the only gap in the weather for the foreseeable future, so I set out early with a bag full of Nana’s world-famous onigiri. I’d been casting about on Friday…

  • Lotus Power

    Lotus Power

    I set out in spring-like weather this morning to see the kawazuzakura in bloom along the Tamagawa. In fact I should have gone last weekend — I’ve missed the peak, but there were still many blossoms on display. I had a bit of a mechanical before I even set out this morning: when I picked…

  • Fujisan and Sakura

    Fujisan and Sakura

    I’ve been moaning about the fact I have a four-day weekend and the forecast is for rain the whole time. But the weather relented yesterday and I got a mostly rain-free ride, with the added benefit of sakura. The day started out looking a bit bleak after the previous night’s rain, but we were graced…