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  • Fujisan and Takaosan Dawdle

    Fujisan and Takaosan Dawdle

    I had an easy-going ride on Sunday, setting out in single-digit temperatures (Celsius). Nana had not made any onigiri, so my first stop was at a convenience store for some food to keep me going throughout the day. I’d replaced the disc brake pads on Saturday. The front pads, which had been squealing for a…

  • Late Off the Line

    Late Off the Line

    It was after 9 a.m. before I finally got on the bike this morning, and right away I was facing lines of traffic, backed up by road repairs and other construction work. I passed kilometer upon kilometer of vehicles idling at a standstill before I finally reached the cycling course at Tamagawa. Nana had once…

  • Refused at the gate

    Refused at the gate

    Optimistic start I finally got on the bike on Day 3 of a three-day weekend. On Saturday I was suffering from a tummy ailment, and yesterday we had lots of “guerilla weather,” including a number of tornadoes. This morning the skies were blue, with fluffy white clouds. While Nana whipped up a batch of her…