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  • Heat Wave, fin

    Heat Wave, fin

    Yesterday’s push to Akron in the heat was a bit of overdoing it. Rick was willing to drive sag as far as I wanted to go today. But the forecast was for rain and thunderstorms, so we decided to just pack up and head home. Once home I immediately began packing up Kuroko in the…

  • Heat Wave, Day 4

    Heat Wave, Day 4

    After a day curtailed by the heat (Day 2) and a fairly easy day in the shade (Day 3), we were ready to take on the challenge again today. Following a fairly brisk start at 7 on flat roads, we got into the climby bits at the 20km mark. The first and biggest climb of…

  • Heat Wave, Day 3

    Heat Wave, Day 3

    Yesterday we called a halt to the ride before noon because of the heat. We’d covered 71km out of a planned 118. While we waited for the sag wagon we discussed the plan of action for the rest of the week. Rather than try to finish the entire route, we would hit the highlights: sections…

  • Heat Wave, Day 2

    Heat Wave, Day 2

    We set out from Xenia quite a bit earlier than yesterday, hoping to get in as much pedaling as we could before the heat came on. Once clear of Xenia, the path is straight and flat. While trees line both sides, they don’t overhang the path for the most part. There’s far less shade than…

  • Heat Wave, Day 1

    Heat Wave, Day 1

    We aimed for a 7 a.m. departure, but Rick and I chatted on at breakfast. We finally got underway about 7:45. The first few kilometers were along the riverside park and then a bit of broken city pavement. Soon after that we turned northward on the cycling course, and remained on the course for the…

  • That’s just swell

    That’s just swell

    Following the Edogawa Century, I charged up all my GoPro batteries in the dual-battery charger. Then in the process of swapping one into the camera, I dropped it on the floor — just a simple drop of less than 60cm. But then when I picked it up, it wouldn’t fit in the camera. I had…

  • Claustrophobic


    In just 48 hours I’ll be boarding a plane to fly to the start of the next adventure. Following my last jaunt up the Edogawa, I had a short list of maintenance items I wanted to address, and then it would be time to pack up Kuroko for the trip. The Edogawa ride was largely…

  • Bloody useful Garmin tools

    Thinking about an upcoming ride, I realized I don’t have US maps in Garmie. Unlike Wahoo, which makes maps available worldwide, Garmin very greedily ships with the local map only, and just basemaps for the rest of the world. (A basemap is a vague outline with no features, no road information, etc.) Maps for other…

  • Ohio to Erie Trail

    Ohio to Erie Trail

    I’ve revised the route for the Ohio to Erie Trail using the interactive maps and the latest info from the official site. These routes include the hotel locations. Notes Note to self: