Beyond middle-age crazy

Cycling from London to Paris — 300-some kilmoeters over a period of three days, between two major cities in different countries — sounds like an activity for healthy young enthusiasts on featherweight carbon-fibre bikes.

DJ in shades
Meet your humble narrator

At 54 years old, I’m past the middle-age crazy stage (I hope). L2P is a ride I want to ride for the fun of it, not to check something off a list or show someone something.

I try to cycle a few hours each weekend at least, but it’s been a couple of years since I did 140km in one day (as we’ll be doing on Day 2 of the ride).

Thanks to my active lifestyle and a careful dietary regimen designed to lower the levels of uric acid in my blood, I now weigh more than I ever have in my life. One of my goals for this ride is to lose weight before it begins.

Major rides accomplished in the last few years

(All one-day round trips except for Lake Biwa)

  • Futakotamagawa cycle path, Haneda to Fussa
  • Tokyo to Yokohama
  • Circle Lake Biwa (two days)
  • Futakotamagawa to Tokyo Disneyland

The riders

We have 15 riders signed up, which Fearless Leader Joe says is the limit that he’s willing to organize. Among these are at least six L2P veterans.

We have at least three countries of residence represented: England, Japan and Australia. And Joe has confirmed there are no Canadians this year.

I haven’t got all the details yet, but it sounds like at least six different nationalities.

DJ and Sanborn at Heian Jingu
Two veterans of the Lake Biwa excursion


Day 1: Friday, 29 April — Depart London to Newhaven, via Brighton. Catch the night ferry.

Day 2: Saturday, 30 April — Dieppe to Marines – more than 140km. As we’re taking the night ferry, we have a long day to achieve this.

Day 3: Sunday, 1 May — Triumphant arrival into Paris and overnight in Paris.

Day 4: Monday, 2 May — Afternoon Eurostar back to London.