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  • Your Top 5 Selected Tubeless Tire Fail Questions!

    Parking this here in case I try to go tubeless again.

  • Stemware


    James Thomas is a very shouty bicycle fitter often featured on Francis Cade’s YouTube channel. In a recent video he suggested a couple of things that might help improve my ride comfort. (I’m sure he would be the first to say — quite loudly — that he’s not advising me of anything without a proper…

  • Genius little addition to the toolkit

    Genius little addition to the toolkit

    I saw someone recommend these on YouTube and nothing would do but I have them immediately. The silver bit in the middle is a magnet. It holds the links in place and holds the pliers closed. I have had the experience of breaking a chain link and walking several kilometers as a result. This will…

  • Tools against the day

    Tools against the day

    A somewhat chilly day in the Workshop in the Sky. I decided it was time to do something about the brakes that have been rubbing since I replaced the pads. I’d checked that the discs weren’t bent, and then verified via YouTube guides that there were three things I wanted to try: straighten the discs…

  • Clear coat and bearing race

    Clear coat and bearing race

    I’ve taken the first few steps on the next big maintenance project, which is to replace Kuroko’s fork with one that has internal routing for the dynamo hub and a mounting point for the dynamo light. I received the new fork some time ago, and I’ve been slowly taking stock of what I need for…

  • Fujisan and Takaosan Dawdle

    Fujisan and Takaosan Dawdle

    I had an easy-going ride on Sunday, setting out in single-digit temperatures (Celsius). Nana had not made any onigiri, so my first stop was at a convenience store for some food to keep me going throughout the day. I’d replaced the disc brake pads on Saturday. The front pads, which had been squealing for a…

  • Afternoon in the Workshop

    With a distinct lack of photos After finishing this morning’s post and a few other tasks, I decided it was time to unpack Kuroko from the travel bag and get things put away. I unzipped the bag and pulled out the wheel (in its own bag), then removed the saddlebag from the bike so I…

  • Bicycle Repair Man

  • The search for the ultimate pump

    The search for the ultimate pump

    I’ve been looking for a new tire pump since my Panaracer — very reliable until that point — nearly left me stranded as it removed the valve core after pumping up a soft rear tire. After some searching around and reading reviews, I decided to give the Lezyne Digital Road Drive a try. It’s more…