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  • Done for the day

    Done for the day

    Yesterday José joined me in the Workshop in the Sky for what we hoped would be a great leap forward in the Forking Dynamite project. I got started before José arrived, disconnecting the hydraulic brake hose for the front brake. I really expected quite a bit of fluid to run out when it did this,…

  • Hold your fire

    Hold your fire

    It’s too hot to ride, so I started getting parts and tools together for the Forking Dynamite project. It took some time finding things, and I actually emptied out the entire toolbox in the Workshop in the Sky while looking. By the time I got to the bottom of the toolbox, I thought I had…

  • That’s just swell

    That’s just swell

    Following the Edogawa Century, I charged up all my GoPro batteries in the dual-battery charger. Then in the process of swapping one into the camera, I dropped it on the floor — just a simple drop of less than 60cm. But then when I picked it up, it wouldn’t fit in the camera. I had…

  • Claustrophobic


    In just 48 hours I’ll be boarding a plane to fly to the start of the next adventure. Following my last jaunt up the Edogawa, I had a short list of maintenance items I wanted to address, and then it would be time to pack up Kuroko for the trip. The Edogawa ride was largely…

  • Temporary Addition

    Temporary Addition

    This is just until I get the dynamo set-up sorted out. But I’ve got a big ride before that. I’ve had the light sitting in a drawer for at least two years. It still has a charge.

  • First wash in a long time

    First wash in a long time

    I woke up resolved to undertake a long-planned upgrade. I wasn’t able to get to the Workshop in the Sky until about 10:30, though, and in that time I’d had second thoughts. I’m about six weeks away from departing on a week-long ride, and it’s possible this upgrade will take more than one weekend to…

  • Cloudy Cherry Kawagoe

    Cloudy Cherry Kawagoe

    Before I could set out, I had to replace the saddle that broke during last week’s ride. I have another Brooks, a C15 that I’d used until my Lejog attempt ended in tears. It took only a few minutes to replace the saddle, cleaning and greasing the bolts before torquing them to the correct specification.…

  • Baby steps

    Baby steps

    Following a year-long purchasing spree to replace Kuroko’s fork, I took the first step of actual work in December by spraying the new fork with clear coat and installing the crown race. At the time I noted I still needed a few odds ‘n’ ends, and I’ve since acquired these. I’ve been looking for a…

  • Well that sucks

    Well that sucks

    The forecast today was for warm weather with light wind, following several days of rain and gale-force winds. Ever since I discovered the entrance to Tamagawa Sky Bridge, I’ve wanted to try starting from there to go to Yokohama, and I thought today might be the day to do that. Nana had not prepared any…