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  • Ride update

    Ride update

  • Weather update

    It didn’t rain after all The anticipated rain which delayed the start of my ride yesterday never materialized after all. But after the ride was over, the wind picked up considerably. We closed the windows of our flat around dinnertime. This morning as I departed for the office I was greeted by a visual reminder…

  • That’s a lotta bull

    That’s a lotta bull

    Fearless Leader Joe and I crossed a lot of cattle guards as we made our way across England. Each time we did, I was curious why — were we riding into a grazing area? I had a few seconds to contemplate this each time because FLJ would usually dismount to cross the guards. (I just…

  • Good day for bike maintenance

  • Wimped out

    I made a cycling date today with a goal of 100km in mind, but as I was leaving home for the rendezvous, I got a message from my cycling buddy: Flat tire! “Too bad,” I wrote back. “We’ll have a great ride next time.” I was still determined to get in the 100km ride, despite…

  • Sometimes you just concentrate on each crank turn

    Sometimes you just concentrate on each crank turn

    Alee of CyclingAbout has begun his two-year Argentina-Alaska ride, and is starting out with some rough weather. Alee writes: If there are strong winds all day, then you hit one of these signs… good luck staying upright!! ☠️ Here I am trying my darndest to ride in a straight line. See Alee’s itinerary here.