Author: Guy Jean

  • Lotus Power

    Lotus Power

    I set out in spring-like weather this morning to see the kawazuzakura in bloom along the Tamagawa. In fact I should have gone last weekend — I’ve missed the peak, but there were still many blossoms on display. I had a bit of a mechanical before I even set out this morning: when I picked…

  • Choose Your Adventure

    Choose Your Adventure

    Following last week’s jaunt to Disney, I set my sights this morning on Kawagoe — same river, but the opposite direction. The forecast was sunny and mild, and the morning view of Fujisan was encouraging. As I was getting dressed it was 6C, with a forecast high of 12C. I considered my choices of long-sleeved…

  • Your Top 5 Selected Tubeless Tire Fail Questions!

    Parking this here in case I try to go tubeless again.

  • Stemware


    James Thomas is a very shouty bicycle fitter often featured on Francis Cade’s YouTube channel. In a recent video he suggested a couple of things that might help improve my ride comfort. (I’m sure he would be the first to say — quite loudly — that he’s not advising me of anything without a proper…

  • Genius little addition to the toolkit

    Genius little addition to the toolkit

    I saw someone recommend these on YouTube and nothing would do but I have them immediately. The silver bit in the middle is a magnet. It holds the links in place and holds the pliers closed. I have had the experience of breaking a chain link and walking several kilometers as a result. This will…

  • Who’s the leader of the club

    Who’s the leader of the club

    It was good weather for a ride today: bright sunshine, with a wind from the north that helped me on my way down the Arakawa and didn’t give me any trouble on the return. There was a 30km run in progress on the lower stretches of the Arakawa, but unlike last month’s marathon, cyclists were…

  • Ohio to Erie Trail

    Ohio to Erie Trail

    I’ve revised the route for the Ohio to Erie Trail using the interactive maps and the latest info from the official site. Notes Note to self:

  • Tamagawa Sky Bridge

    Tamagawa Sky Bridge

    I had a hard time deciding where to ride today. After rejecting a 7 a.m. departure that would set me up for a round trip of the entire Tamagawa cycling course, I set my sights on hitting the road at 9. I could get to Disneyland, which I’d missed on my last ride, or I…

  • Marathonus Interruptus

    Marathonus Interruptus

    I got off to quite a lazy start this morning, and had to immediately forget any thoughts I had about riding the length of the Tamagawa in both directions. When Nana asked where I was going I said Disney, and figured I would decide once there whether to return via the Tokyo Gate Bridge or…