Selfie of two cyclists in front of a covered bridge entrance

Heat Wave, Day 3

Yesterday we called a halt to the ride before noon because of the heat. We’d covered 71km out of a planned 118. While we waited for the sag wagon we discussed the plan of action for the rest of the week. Rather than try to finish the entire route, we would hit the highlights: sections of trail with notable scenery.

After breakfast we drove to Mt Vernon to ride the Kokosing Gap Trail. This straight, flat path took us through a shaded bit of countryside to Danville, where we stopped for lunch before doubling back for the car.

GPS record of cycle ride
Heat Wave Day 3

On a moving time of 2:07:27, we averaged 21.4km/h.

Bridge of Dreams

Next we drove just past Danville to pick up the Mohican Valley Trail as far as the Bridge of Dreams. This is a mixed-use path, with some users taking more care about where to leave their droppings than others.

We’d coasted a good deal of the way from Danville to the bridge, so we were apprehensive of the climb back to the start. It turned out to be very gradual and we had no difficulty.

It was 36C when we finished in Danville. We were fortunate that most of the way had been well shaded.

GPS record of cycle ride
Heat Wave Day 3a

On a moving time of 37:32, we averaged 19.8km/h.

Jersey: Pearl Izumi Sakura

Heat Wave

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