Two cabooses in a line next to a paved path

Heat Wave, Day 2

We set out from Xenia quite a bit earlier than yesterday, hoping to get in as much pedaling as we could before the heat came on. Once clear of Xenia, the path is straight and flat. While trees line both sides, they don’t overhang the path for the most part. There’s far less shade than we experienced yesterday.

Two cabooses in a line next to a paved path
South Charleston

After 30km, we stopped for coffee and sweets in South Charleston. We were already discussing options for the day, figuring there was no way to reach Westerville before the day’s high of 35C. We quickly hit on Darby Creek Park as a reasonable goal to reach by noon, and contacted the sag driver with our new goal.

Back on the trail it was more of the same: straight and flat, with green views to both sides. But as the temperature rose our energy faded. Even so, we reached our goal half an hour before expected and sat in the shade to wait for our ride home.

GPS record of cycle ride
Heat Wave Day 2

On a moving time of 3:15:21, we averaged 21.9km/h, finishing at 11:30.

Jersey: Joloda / End-to-End

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