Detail of a carbon fibre bicycle fork at the crown. The fork is laying sideways across the frame, atop a white cardboard box on a brown wooden floor. A round lamp with a black housing is attached via a black bracket to the fork crown.

Baby steps

Following a year-long purchasing spree to replace Kuroko’s fork, I took the first step of actual work in December by spraying the new fork with clear coat and installing the crown race. At the time I noted I still needed a few odds ‘n’ ends, and I’ve since acquired these.

I’ve been looking for a chance to buckle down to the project, ideally a stretch of three to four days when I didn’t have to work and the weather prevented riding. We had a weekend matching that description in February, but it was just too damn cold to spend time in the Workshop in the Sky.

So this evening, looking at all the bits spread over my desk and den floor, I decided to do a trial fit of the headlight and bracket. The bracket had come with 6mm bolts and washers, and the fork was drilled for 5mm. I’d bought some 5mm bolts in various lengths, as well as rubber washers, some time ago. So, fortified with some delicious shochu and with Blue Mitchell on the stereo, I gave it a go.

The 5x30mm bolt was a perfect fit. I’d thought I might want to shim the bolt with a cutting from a beer can to fit the 6mm hole in the mounting bracket, but I don’t think it will be necessary.

The headlight, though, was a challenge. The fit was just a bit too loose to secure the light in position. I cast about for a washer that might fit, but everything I had on hand was too thick. The bracket that came with the headlight was bent steel wire and so would flex a bit, but this bracket (by the same maker) was a machined piece with no give.

I was about to give up and either search for thinner washers or think up a way to grind down the ones I’ve got when I finally remembered: there’s a spade connector for the rear light, and it goes in there alongside the headlight in the mounting bracket. I found the spade connector and added that — perfect fit.

So enough talk already

When am I going to take the plunge? This has to be done and tested by June, and meanwhile I want to get in as much riding as I can. Tomorrow the weather will be OK, and I’ll be swapping out the broken saddle so I can take that to a repair shop, and then going on for a bit of a ride. Sunday’s weather will be even better, but I’m undecided about going for another ride or maybe … just getting on with this. Let’s see.

A river runs between concrete walls, with a line of cherry trees in bloom along the right bank.
Incidental sakura

Incidentally, it’s hanami season. The plan is to take a stroll tomorrow afternoon and get some more snaps before dinner. If it’s still grey skies, though, I may go out again on Sunday for more photos under blue skies.

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