Month: February 2024

  • 白岩の滝


    White Stone Falls I found this waterfall via Google Maps last year when I was looking for alternative routes to the northwest of Tokyo. It leaves the Tamagawa cycling course near the Hamura end, and winds through urban traffic and then a mountain road for 14km. I’ve been putting it off since then out of…

  • Lotus Power

    Lotus Power

    I set out in spring-like weather this morning to see the kawazuzakura in bloom along the Tamagawa. In fact I should have gone last weekend — I’ve missed the peak, but there were still many blossoms on display. I had a bit of a mechanical before I even set out this morning: when I picked…

  • Choose Your Adventure

    Choose Your Adventure

    Following last week’s jaunt to Disney, I set my sights this morning on Kawagoe — same river, but the opposite direction. The forecast was sunny and mild, and the morning view of Fujisan was encouraging. As I was getting dressed it was 6C, with a forecast high of 12C. I considered my choices of long-sleeved…

  • Your Top 5 Selected Tubeless Tire Fail Questions!

    Parking this here in case I try to go tubeless again.

  • Stemware


    James Thomas is a very shouty bicycle fitter often featured on Francis Cade’s YouTube channel. In a recent video he suggested a couple of things that might help improve my ride comfort. (I’m sure he would be the first to say — quite loudly — that he’s not advising me of anything without a proper…

  • Genius little addition to the toolkit

    Genius little addition to the toolkit

    I saw someone recommend these on YouTube and nothing would do but I have them immediately. The silver bit in the middle is a magnet. It holds the links in place and holds the pliers closed. I have had the experience of breaking a chain link and walking several kilometers as a result. This will…

  • Who’s the leader of the club

    Who’s the leader of the club

    It was good weather for a ride today: bright sunshine, with a wind from the north that helped me on my way down the Arakawa and didn’t give me any trouble on the return. There was a 30km run in progress on the lower stretches of the Arakawa, but unlike last month’s marathon, cyclists were…