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Ohio to Erie Trail

I’ve revised the route for the Ohio to Erie Trail using the interactive maps and the latest info from the official site. These routes include the hotel locations.


  • The Cartridge Brewing project has been completed, so I’ve removed that detour.
  • The new route for Sunbury and the detour at Scranton Flats have been incorporated.
  • The Station Road Bridge Trailhead project is scheduled to be completed 3 May 2024. We should be prepared to make on-the-spot detours in case the project runs behind schedule.
  • I’ve updated Day 5 with the detour at Brecksville Reservation. Update: and again to detour around additional construction between Station Road Bridge Trailhead in Brecksville and Frazee House in Valley View.
  • There is no detour for the Downtown Connector to Airport Drive construction (Columbus). We may be able to ride the verge alongside the construction, or we may have to take Nelson Rd. to Airport Dr.

Note to self:

  • The ride does not end in Ireland.
Selfie of two cyclists in helmets, sunglasses and jerseys standing in front of Xenia Station

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