Assorted bicycle parts, mostly black, on a brown wooden desk

But I might need it someday!

I’ve got so much stuff sitting around that I won’t throw away because I might need it someday. It’s quite a challenge in our little flat. As an example: at least three different glasses cases. (One of them probably holds the reading glasses the doc wants me to use.)

Today I’ve been going through various boxes and closets looking for a few things in preparation for the next big project for Kuroko, and the next bit of maintenance for Dionysus. I even completely emptied out the storage box in the Workshop in the Sky and sorted through every last bit. And I actually pulled out some items to throw away: a used bottle for putting latex into bike tires (when I have two identical, unused ones), a couple of cardboard boxes and some vinyl bags whose contents I was able to consolidate. And a bag of parts that the bicycle store gave me when I bought Kuroko — things that had come in the box but they hadn’t used in the assembly.

That last thing was mostly reflectors, washers, dried out touch up paint bottles, bands to hold bits onto the handlebars or frame. But inside there was another, smaller bag full of screws and things that merited a closer look.

Assorted bicycle parts, mostly black, on a brown wooden desk
But I might need it someday!

Along with the tubeless valve stems (the shop had refused my request to set the bike up tubeless) and the Columbus chromoly sticker was a frame grommet with two holes — the exact same thing I spent a months looking for following the Switching to Glide project!

In the picture, it’s the grommet in the center, just next to the cog spacer ring. The one on the left is a spare from the ones that I found online after months of searching.

Looking at the original, it’s clear I would have needed to find an alternative anyway. First, there was only one included in the bag. And then when I examined it closely, the second hole is too small to fit the Di2 wire end through. (It would fit the wire, but not the plug on the end.)

Things I haven’t found yet or need more of:

  • Spacer for a SRAM bottom bracket
  • The charging cord for the pressure washer
    (Not really necessary for either of these projects, but it would be nice to wash each bike while I’ve got them in the Workshop in the Sky)
  • One more MTB style brake cable for Dionysus, just in case

I thought I hadn’t found the tool for Kuroko’s center lock brake discs, but having a look online now, I think I have the wrench that fits on the outside of the locking ring rather than the one that fits inside.

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