In the mid background, two white double piers of the bridge rise. The span of the bridge occupies about the middle third of the picture, horizontally. The foreground is busy with parking garages and warehouses. The sky is pale blue above. The water of the bay is scarcely visible.

Turkey Digestion Ride 2023

The weather was beautiful today, warm and sunny, but with a strong wind. I was fighting the wind all the way to the Tamagawa and for a good part of the way downriver. I was worried when I crossed over into Kanagawa prefecture that I’d be riding directly into the wind, but the buildings sheltered me to a great extent. It got more challenging the closer I got to Yokohama Bay.

I got to the harbor view park just before noon. The weekday traffic wasn’t as bad as it often is on the weekend. There was a tour group in the park, though, so it took a couple of minutes to find a place I could sit while I wolfed down a couple of Nana’s world-famous onigiri.

I’d charged up Kuroko’s taillights during the week but had neglected Garmie. Seeing only 44% charge when I set out in the morning, I’d put it into battery saving mode. While eating the onigiri in the park, I knew that it had taken me roughly 3 hours to get there, battling the wind. I’d told Nana I would be home about 3, and I hoped to benefit from a tailwind on the way back. I didn’t wake up Garmie to get any more specific info, though — I just reasoned I’d be pretty close to the mark.

There were some strong contrary winds the moment I descended from the park back into Yokohama, and I was nearly unhorsed. But soon the wind was helping me and I ran up some personal bests and second places as I sped homewards through the traffic.

After crossing the Tamagawa back into Tokyo I was expecting a tailwind to continue helping me on my way, but the first couple of kilometers were right into the wind. After that it was a crosswind that was alternately helping and hindering me.

Bicycle leaning against an iron banister and concrete pillar. The pillar has an artistic sculpture of a boat on it.  In the background, a river can be seen through the iron railing. There is some construction equipment on the near shore.

I stopped for a last onigiri and checked the time: 1:20. I had 8 or 9km to go to Futako, so I might get there before 2. Depending how much before, I might get home by 2:30. But I didn’t count my chickens just yet. I was still struggling against the wind at times on the way upstream, and when I got into traffic at last it all seemed to be against me. I arrived at the park in Futako at 2 on the dot. As I wolfed down a Snickers, I messaged Nana to expect me at 3 or slightly after.

As it happened, I made good time in the traffic back from the river. I refrained from waking Garmie up to check on my progress, but I felt confident as I wheeled into the tower plaza that I’d beaten the clock. I rolled Kuroko down the ramp into the bicycle garage and messaged Nana at 2:47 that I was home.

GPS record of cycle ride
Turkey Digestion Ride 2023

I got the trip in under 6 hours elapsed time. On a moving time of 4:24:20, I averaged 20.0km/h on the dot. Given the wind and how much of this course is in traffic, I’m very pleased with that result.

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