A montage of two badges: a 600km cycling badge on the left, and a Jack-o-Lantern with the legend 2023 on the right

Two Badges

I might have skipped the cycling commute the last two days and just rested if it wasn’t for something I noticed after my 100km ride on Sunday: I was at 550km for the month. With another two days to go in October, a couple of commutes would bring me just over 600km.

I’ve had a few 600km months before — the last one was in April. I get in the most riding when the weather is nice, the temperature not too hot, and the daylight plentiful. November begins tomorrow, but the forecast is for a high of 23C. Meanwhile, we’ll have 10 hours 44 minutes of daylight.

But tomorrow is National Bum Rest Day (at least for Guy Jean Nation). In my race to 600km for the month, I’ve put in 230km in the past seven days alone, with only a single day of rest.

According to Garmie, I’ve ridden 601.90km in October with a total riding time of 29 hours 20-some minutes. That gives an overall average of 20.5km/h, which sounds about right to me. I’ve pretty much been putting that in over the past few days of commuting, as well as the metric century on Sunday.

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