Afternoon in the Workshop

With a distinct lack of photos

After finishing this morning’s post and a few other tasks, I decided it was time to unpack Kuroko from the travel bag and get things put away. I unzipped the bag and pulled out the wheel (in its own bag), then removed the saddlebag from the bike so I could lift the frame right into the workstand. I pulled out the thru axle, inserted the front wheel and rethreaded the thru axle: done.

It was not much more work to fold and roll up the bag and push it back into the compression pouch for storage.

After that, I gave Kuroko a once-over. In my fatigue and clumsiness, I’d banged the bike into a few elevator doors and such while she was in the travel bag. I’d secured the shoulder strap around the stem and that had pushed the Di2 junction box askew, so I started by straightening that and running through all the gears. No problem.

I’d also noted during Biwaichi that the rear disc brake was rubbing. In the stand, I couldn’t replicate the issue. We’ll see the next time I’m on the road. (I’m not sure yet when that will be.)

I noticed the front wheel wasn’t spinning freely. The disc brake pads were quite close together — I’d forgotten to block the pads during transport, when the wheel was removed, and it’s likely the brake lever had got a squeeze at some point, extending the pads. I took the wheel out again and used a screwdriver to push the pads apart. After putting the wheel back in again I pumped the brake lever until it was firm. And then I had a close look: the inner pad was touching the disc, while the outer pad was clear.

I found the huge rubber band I use for this job, and wrapped it around the handlebar to hold the brake lever in compression. Then I loosened the caliper bolts and tightened them again. I removed the rubber band and spun the wheel: perfect. Then I squeezed the brake lever: instant stop. I repeated this a few times to make sure the job was done.

Finally, I remembered the saddle was just slightly askew towards the left. It took a couple of tries with the hex key and torque wrench until I was satisfied it was centered. (The soft profile of the leather Brooks saddle doesn’t make the task any easier.) Although I typically get saddle sores on the left, I suspect this is due to other factors and so I’m not expecting an instant cure from this fix.

As I was removing Kuroko from the stand and reattaching the saddlebag, Nana reminded me about the tarp I’ve got covering the Evoc Travel Bag. It’s flapping in the wind, which wakes her up in the night. I had a look at the tarp and saw it’s been flaking for some time and it’s grown quite thin. It was a few minutes’ work to remove the tarp and re-secure the Evoc to the air conditioner stand so it won’t blow down in a typhoon. I’ll have a think about how best to protect the bag, but meanwhile I’ve thrown the threadbare tarp in the rubbish.

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