Month: October 2023

  • Two Badges

    Two Badges

    I might have skipped the cycling commute the last two days and just rested if it wasn’t for something I noticed after my 100km ride on Sunday: I was at 550km for the month. With another two days to go in October, a couple of commutes would bring me just over 600km. I’ve had a…

  • Pinarello Pinarello Trek Merida

    Pinarello Pinarello Trek Merida

    The forecast for the weekend had been favorable, cloudy and mild with a slight chance of rain Saturday night. I had a doctor’s appointment Saturday morning and so I decided to ride on Sunday, planning on an early departure (following the world cup finale) and a long ride. When daylight broke Sunday morning, though, it…

  • Afternoon in the Workshop

    With a distinct lack of photos After finishing this morning’s post and a few other tasks, I decided it was time to unpack Kuroko from the travel bag and get things put away. I unzipped the bag and pulled out the wheel (in its own bag), then removed the saddlebag from the bike so I…

  • Auntie Clockwise

    Auntie Clockwise

    I’ve ridden Biwaichi — the route around Biwako, Japan’s largest lake — once before, in 2014 with Fearless Leader Joe and Sanborn. I’ve had a number of invitations to join rides since then, and finally decided my holiday this week was a good chance. José hadn’t done the ride before and quickly agreed to join.…

  • Travel preparation

    Travel preparation

    Taking the shinkansen in the morning. I realized as I was writing this that I hadn’t checked the tires before packing the bike. Fortunately I was able to reach the valves without undoing the whole process again (and the tires were fine).

  • Windy and Flat

    Windy and Flat

    I have a big ride coming up with José next weekend, and he hasn’t been getting in a lot of miles on the bike. So we took advantage of today’s weather — mild and sunny — to get in a ride. I told José I’d meet him at his flat at 8 and we left…

  • Change in Forecast, Change of Plan

    Change in Forecast, Change of Plan

    I told Nana I was leaving at 7 this morning, with the intention of getting in quite a long ride, a metric century and then some. But when I checked the forecast this morning, it had changed. Not only is there a good chance of rain in the afternoon, but we’re expecting thundershowers as well.…