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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

I got an unexpected bonus following my morning commute: a Mid-Autumn Festival badge!

Nana and I got up at 4 a.m. to watch Japan triumph over Samoa in rugby. So when I set out this morning I was lagging. I had the legs, I had the lungs, and I had lots of green lights in a row. I just didn’t have any power. And yet when I got to the office I discovered I’d averaged 20.9km/h on a moving time of 37:26.

It is weird when sometimes you think ‘god, that was awful’, and then you set a new record.

Fearless Leader Joe

It’s not a record, but I’ll take it.

GPS record of cycle route

By the time I cycle home tonight, I’ll have made 106km this week, just in commuting.

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