Month: July 2023

  • Guy-kyubin


    (We pause for a moment as my Japanophone followers issue a collective groan … ) For the second weekend in a row, I set out before noon on Saturday to deliver an unagi bentoh to our housebound friend. I had two surprises waiting in store for me when I arrived, though. The first was the…

  • Guy Jean’s Delivery Service

    Guy Jean’s Delivery Service

    We’re in the usual Tokyo summer heat wave now. For deeply inscrutable reasons, eating eel is thought to give one stamina against the heat. And so Nana decided today to buy an unagi bentoh and have me deliver it to an old friend who is more or less housebound. I was happy to make the…

  • Wind and Cloud

    Wind and Cloud

    I chose my ride today with an eye on the weather forecast, which has been changing over the past few days. What finally emerged this morning was an overcast day with a forecast high of 31C. That’s bordering on my limit, so I thought the thing to do would be to get an early start…

  • Saved you a click

    How a front derailleur works How to ride big distances OFF ROAD & HAVE FUN doing it

  • Beat the Heat

    Beat the Heat

    Following a couple of days of rain, the forecast for today was sunny and hot, with a high of 34C. I’ve set 32C as my limit based on a few summer rides over the past years, so I decided to get out early this morning and be back before the heat became unbearable. Fortunately for…

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