Weight limit

Screenshot of Mastodon post: Greg Knauss @gknauss@mastodon.social
OK, I know I'm a little heavy, but that's just mean.

The image is mostly blue sky with a few clouds. In the center are two signs stacked vertically. The top says "Weight limit 4 tons". The bottom has an icon of a bicycle and says "Bike Path". The signs are attached to a railing which runs diagonally from the bottom right corner to the middle of the left.
Weight limit

I suited up to ride yesterday morning. Once again I started with the idea of a long ride, 130km or more, and by the time I was ready to go out the door I’d cut that goal in half.

As as I was preparing for le départ, Nana was watching the hanging bug repeller swinging back and forth in the wind on the balcony. “Be careful,” she warned. “It’s windy!”

Yeah yeah yeah …

When I rolled my bicycle out of the elevator onto the sidewalk, I was hit by the full force of the wind. I could hardly hold the bike steady while I donned my bandana and gloves.

It took me less than a minute to change my mind. With my helmet still dangling from the handlebars and clutching one glove in my hand, I wheeled Kuroko back inside and parked her in the garage. Back up to the flat to shower off the sunblock and chamois cream.

After an hour or so it looked like the wind might be abating, but then Nana started reading to me the list of trains that had been delayed or stopped by the strong winds. Decision validated.

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