Bicycles parked on a two-tier rack under a white ceiling.

The parking situation

I mentioned in my post about the fattening up of Dionysus that I’ve had to change my bicycle parking spaces. I’d had two adjacent spaces on a rack in the back corner of the parking garage. I liked this area because it was out of the main traffic (mostly people riding their bikes in and out), and there was less jostling of my bikes than there would be in the more popular spaces.

After several years in this building, though, management decided to remove the entire row of racks along the back wall to make room for larger bikes: mamachari (electric bikes with a child carrier or two) and fat-tire bikes. I was given a choice of remaining rack space to re-home both Dionysus and Kuroko.

I didn’t have to think twice: I wanted adjacent slots on the top row. I didn’t really mind where in the garage it was. The workers helping me tried to discourage me: You’ll have to lift your bikes up onto the rack and back down again. But I knew that with my babies up on the top row I wouldn’t have to worry about others bashing them about as they got their own bikes in and out of the racks.

I got lucky with two adjacent slots near the door and at one end of the rack. I can get Kuroko in and out without even extending the rack. But the question remained whether Dionysus would fit after upgrading to the Billy Bonkers. Had a turned her into a fat tire bike?

And the answer is: she just fits. I didn’t even have to work hard to get her into the rack. (Getting her out again is the next test.) Meanwhile another tight spot was revealed between the rear derailleur and the supporting bar of the rack. There’s clearance, but I’m going to have to get in the habit of shifting up into the smaller gears before parking the bike. (I usually do the opposite for an easy start.)

The final question will be whether Dionysus will fit in the rack in my office. We will know next week at the earliest.

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