The Falkirk Wheel

Falkirk Wheel

Treacherous forecasting

The weather forecast threw a curve ball this weekend, calling for rain both Saturday and Sunday, and thundershowers into the bargain. As it turned out, I could have safely biked on either day, just so long as I was home before about 4 in the afternoon on Sunday. But it was impossible to know that beforehand.

Instead I settled for reverting Kuroko’s rear tire to tubeless, following the somewhat disastrous ride when the tire clearly wasn’t sealing. I didn’t get any further in the maintenance I have planned.

Slipping between the cracks

Meanwhile, today the weather cooperated, between the uncertain forecasts and what is certain to be heavy rain tomorrow and the following day. I took advantage of the break to cycle to work.

GPS record of cycle ride
… and the living is overcast

It was quite overcast and very windy on the ride home, but the rain held off.

Falkirk, meanwhile

The Falkirk Wheel, a marvel of engineering, is only about 20km from Edinburgh. One of my favorite bloggers has documented it here:

Falkirk Wheel

Given the Falkirk Wheel’s proximity to Edinburgh, with the Avon aqueduct en route, visiting it would add perhaps half a day on a Lejog redux.

I can’t help but think of Lejog as le Jog, as if it’s some French fitness fad …

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