Month: May 2022

  • Late Off the Line

    Late Off the Line

    It was after 9 a.m. before I finally got on the bike this morning, and right away I was facing lines of traffic, backed up by road repairs and other construction work. I passed kilometer upon kilometer of vehicles idling at a standstill before I finally reached the cycling course at Tamagawa. Nana had once…

  • Our Lord and Master Strava

    Our Lord and Master Strava

    I get questions about inconsistencies in Strava data, probably because I’m not only the gear maven but also the most versed in trigonometry in my circle of riding friends. And some of the biggest inconsistencies involve elevation data. Elevation data is rubbish. The base data is rubbish: unless an elevation has been confirmed by human…

  • Tama-Iruma-Arakawa


    After yesterday’s gully-washing rain, it dawned cloudy this morning, with mixed weather forecasts. When Nana woke up, though, she said there was no chance of rain. I was determined to ride the three rivers, which I’d originally done with José for my kanreki. It’s also the ride I’d set out to do during Golden Week,…

  • Ride update

    Ride update

  • Uber Guy

    Uber Guy

    I was granted a three-day weekend by my office, but in the midst of a six-day stretch of rain. (But it’s not yet officially rainy season so … ?) The gods condescended to allow for a Sunday that — while not actually actively sunny — was bereft of genuine precipitation. In short, an ideal day…

  • Golden Week Wrap

    Golden Week Wrap

    I set out yesterday morning with the intention of completing the Three Rivers ride, which I’d last done just before my birthday in November. But I was facing a couple of big challenges. First, I’d set out nearly and hour and a half later than I had in November. And then, as soon as I…

  • Twice in a row?

    Twice in a row?

    Following a tempest of rain Friday night, Saturday dawned bright and clear. It looked like a great day for a ride (and my only chance this weekend), so I quickly prepped Kuroko, fresh off not one but two days of maintenance, and set out. I wasn’t up for a lengthy jaunt, but I did want…