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Tobishima Kaido

Tobishima Kaido is one of three routes on the Setouchi Triangle, together with Shimanami Kaido and Sazanami Kaido. It starts with a ferry ride from Imabari to Munakata, and then another ferry to Okamura, before the riding begins.

Notes and resources

  • Tobishima Kaido Cycling Course
  • Omishima Blue Line schedule
    Imabari -> Munakata -> Okamura
  • On the approach to Toshimao Bridge from Toyoshima, it looks best to cross to the sidewalk on the right side of the road at the point the blue line stops on the left. Take that across the bridge and through the following tunnel. The blue lines pick up again a couple of hundred meters after the tunnel exit, and it’s fine to cross back to the left at this point.
  • Tobishima Kaido on RideWithGPS

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  1. […] Kaido is the third leg of the Setouchi Triangle, together with the Shimanami Kaido and Tobishima Kaido. There are not many resources which mention Sazanami Kaido, as it is just Rte. 185 from Kure to […]

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