Month: January 2022

  • Hamaichi


    I hit on this ride by searching for a good one- or two-day course that would not be too challenging but at the same time be enough to give us a sense of accomplishment. I’ve come up with a few two-day, there-and-back-again routes starting in Tokyo — last year we did Shirako Onsen about this…

  • Yesterday was nicer

    Yesterday was nicer

    I had my choice of days this weekend, one to bike and one to take care of housework and other things. The forecast was basically identical for both days: cold and clear, with little wind. I decided to do the housework and other things on Saturday and ride on Sunday. And then Sunday dawned cold…

  • Mikan metric

    Mikan metric

    We were shocked to wake up yesterday to non-stop tsunami warnings on the television, with a prominent “Run!” heading flashing over affected areas. But it soon became evident there was no danger for us here in Tokyo, and even the most-threatened areas of the Japan homeland would be facing nothing like the 2011 tsunami. We…

  • Mikan

    satsuma mandarin

  • 初走り2022


    First ride of 2022 Usually for my first ride of the New Year I’ll just run to Haneda and back, a ride I can get under 4 hours if I try. I can wait until 10 or later to start, when it’s warmer, and I’m not out in the cold for long. This year I…