Month: September 2021

  • 400!


    With today’s commute, I’ve brought my monthly total up to 408km — above 400km for the first time since May. High temperatures and rainy weather cut into my riding in the intervening months, which is not surprising in light of Japan’s climate and typhoon activity. What’s interesting about my breaking through the 400km mark this…

  • Gnat knock-out

    Gnat knock-out

    I’d planned a longer ride today, but woke up to fog. And Nana, maker of the onigiri, was dead to the world. So I changed my plans and spent a leisurely morning getting ready for the ride. The road was wet from the overnight rain when I set out, and I picked up a lot…

  • Bit of a damp ending

    Bit of a damp ending

    The forecast for today was for a small chance of rain in the morning, and then a greater chance of rain in the afternoon. I already had a commitment in the afternoon, so a morning ride was the perfect thing. I was thinking at first that the traffic on Yamate Dori was sparse, but it…