Month: August 2021

  • A place of my own

    After realizing that Dionysus was already rusting following the total repaint, and part of the reason was rubbing against the concrete block where I was parking her at work, I decided to get a bike stand and put it in my office.

  • Heat abandon

    Heat abandon

    I had network maintenance to perform at the office this morning, while no one else was around. The forecast was for a hot, partly sunny day, so I decided to ride Dionysus to the office. Once the maintenance was done, I’d check the temperature forecast and decide whether to continue riding or go straight home.…

  • Roadkill


    With heat, rain and typhoons, I’ve been off the bike for more than a month. The forecast for today looked good, so I asked the Halfakid to join me. He agreed to a short ride, so long as we could be back by 10, and that pretty much left Haneda as our only workable destination.…

  • A bit thick

    A bit thick

    Some non-bicycle maintenance I’ve had very little trouble with my latest laptop at home. I got a notification from the maker recently that my warranty was about to expire, and asking if I wanted to renew, and I just ignored it. There’s only been one issue of note, and that’s for the past year the…

  • Rode hard and put up wet

    Rode hard and put up wet

    In the wake of two typhoons over the weekend, I had an eye on today’s forecast to see if I could get a ride in the morning, before it got too hot. Last night it was looking promising. It started raining by 7 a.m., and it got worse — worse than we’d had at any…

  • A nice pair

    A nice pair

    A trio of typhoons capping off the finale of the Olympics has given us a rainy weekend and no chance to cycle. (At least for those of us not members of a national sprint team.) But it did give me a couple of free days to follow up on the leaky valve issue. In the…