Weather update

It didn’t rain after all

The anticipated rain which delayed the start of my ride yesterday never materialized after all. But after the ride was over, the wind picked up considerably. We closed the windows of our flat around dinnertime.

This morning as I departed for the office I was greeted by a visual reminder of last night’s wind.

A row of fallen bicycles on the pavement next to a guard rail
They’re not supposed to park there anyway

Here comes the sun

The other amusing thing about yesterday’s weather was the rapid change in cloud cover. While I was preparing for the ride, it was completely overcast. As I was riding light and only going to be out a short time, I didn’t use any sunblock.

Then, the moment I wheeled my bike out of the parking lot, the clouds cleared up and the sun shown down brightly. I was glad for my UV mask (for a change). But when I cleaned up after the ride, I discovered a couple of spots of sunburn on my wrists where the sleeves of my T-shirt didn’t quite reach the gloves.

Hand showing a spot of sunburn on the wrist
Weird biker’s tan

There’s a similar very narrow stripe of sunburn on the bridge of my nose, from the tiny gap between the mask and the sunglasses.

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