Bicycle in front of moat with fading cherry blossoms

Once more around the park, driver

With a late start this morning and a longer ride planned for tomorrow, I was in the mood for a shorter ride today. Between my two typical short courses — Haneda and the Tokyo Landmarks — I chose the latter.

Bicycle leaning on hedge in front of fountain
Meiji Jingu Gaien

Tokyo Tower looming over trees and flowers in foreground
Tokyo Tower and Shiba Park

The skies were grey when I departed, with the forecast for more of the same all day. It may not be the most cheery weather, but it makes it less likely I’ll get a sunburn. For most of the day, my shades remained in my bag.

I hadn’t given Nana a clear answer yesterday on whether I’d be biking today, so she didn’t make any onigiri.

Imperial Palace moat and outbuildings
Imperial Palace moat and outbuildings

Cherry blossoms overhanging the Imperial Palace moat
Imperial Palace moat

I’m not able to eff why I decided to ride Dionysus today. Kuroko should be fine to ride following the shifter cable replacement, and I’m planning on riding her tomorrow. But I made the right choice today. My pace was easygoing — not to say lackadaisical — and we had fun.

Rainbow bridge across bay with cloudy skies above
Grey Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo Skytree from Sakura Bridge with bicycle in foreground
Tokyo Skytree

At Tokyo Big Sight I stopped to get lunch from a convenience store. Unfortunately it was 12:15 on a weekday, and the shop was packed with people. I had to wait for people to move to get what I was after, and then waited in quite a long queue to get to the register. Fortunately, the workers were fast and efficient, and I didn’t wait very long.

Hungry as I was, my eyes may have been bigger than my stomach. When I set out again after eating, I was feeling a bit leaden. Within a handful of kilometers the feeling passed. I still don’t feel as strong as normal, and I don’t know if that’s a lingering effect of pneumonia, or just the effect of having missed nearly a month of cycling. At any rate, I continued on at a comfortable pace.

Dionysus didn’t give any trouble. I raised the seat slightly at the beginning of the ride and that seems to have been a good choice. The main water bottle bracket — the one on the down tube — was a bit loose, but that was quickly remedied with the minitool. After about 50km my left wrist got tired. I was riding in traffic all day so I didn’t want to ride on the horns, which takes my hands away from the brake levers. So I just rested the wrist at every opportunity (such as the multitude of traffic lights).

Bicycle in front of moat with fading cherry blossoms
Chidorigafuchi just after the cherry blossoms

Although the skies looked like rain all day, we didn’t have any — true to the forecast. When I got to Budokan I messaged Nana that I’d be home in about an hour. In the end I made it in half that.

GPS record of cycle ride
Once more around the park, driver

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