Cockpit bag and musette on desk in front of laptop keyboard

Smaller, lighter, more stable

The Fedex man brought my latest goodies today, a cockpit bag and a musette. I already have a cockpit bag, but this one is smaller to leave more room for my … more room when I dismount.

My phone juuuust fits in the bag. The true challenge will be when I put in the multitool, tissues, omamori, keys … It’s going to be a squeeze, but I expect it will be worth the effort.

Very lightweight musette
Very lightweight musette

I’ve also already got a musette, a canvas one that came as an entry prize for the Bike Tokyo event. I use it to carry my water bottles and Nana’s world-famous onigiri from our flat down to the bike garage (where I stow the bottles on the bike and the onigiri in the saddle bag).

This one, in addition to being lightweight and having a slightly larger capacity, closes with magic tape. It also has a stabilizer strap so it won’t slip around in front and tangle with my legs if I ride with it. As you can see above, it packs into a tiny case that can be strapped onto the bike frame.

The burning question

I know after seeing these photos, everyone is going to have the same question: does the musette fit back in that tiny case? Well … almost.

Musette refolded into pouch, on wooden desk
This is on the second try

The forecast is currently for rain on the weekend, so it may be a couple of weeks before these bags get their trial by fire.

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