Bicycle on balcony overlooking city

Oiled and ready

Bottle of cycle chain lube with ultraviolet light keychain
Star of the show

I’ve got a ride planned with the Halfakid tomorrow, so I took advantage of unseasonably warm weather today for a little light maintenance. On our last ride I heard some squeaking from Kuroko’s chain, so I brought her up to the Workshop in the Sky for some fresh oil.

I’m happy to report meanwhile that the new tubeless tires are holding air pressure like nobody’s business. I’m ruing all the time I wasted trying to stop the weeping sidewalls on the previous rubber.

I’d used up all my chain lube recently so I checked some reviews and got this Muc-Off high-zoot stuff. Amusingly, the lube came with a tiny ultraviolet light that’s supposed to help me see whether the lube is fully applied to the entire chain. I tried it but I couldn’t really see any difference in today’s bright sunlight.

Kuroko’s gears and brakes are working fine, so that was it for her maintenance today.

Bicycle on balcony overlooking city
Kuroko at the ready

Continuing to take advantage of the good weather, I returned Kuroko to the parking garage and brought up Dionysus next. In addition to the chain lube, I wanted to check the trueness of the front wheel and adjust the brakes.

Bicycle in a workstand, viewed from the frontBicycle wheel in truing stand
Touch-up truing

The rim turned out to be dead in the center with just the slightest bit of wobble — a millimeter or less. I made some token adjustments and put the wheel back on the bike. (I’m holding the truing stand in the video because the stand is wobbling on the storage box.)

With that I spent a couple of minutes adjusting the front brake cable tension and then oiling the chain. I nearly forgot to put the lights back on her, but I’ve taken care of that now.

Bicycle on balcony above city
Awaiting the next commute

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