Month: December 2020

  • Inbanuma Cycling Road

    I’m putting this on the list so I can remember it later. I had thought about riding to Sakura for the first ride of the New Year, but we had difficulty finding an onsen hotel in the area. 【コース】印旛沼サイクリングロード(千葉)

  • You’re supposed to play along

    You’re supposed to play along

    The delivery guy brought me an assortment of new tools today. Nana: What are those for? Your bike? Guy Jean: Not just that … I can use these for all kinds of household work. Nana: Such as? Guy Jean: Like, uh … Nana: As I thought: for the bike.

  • Bringing Dionysus home

    Bringing Dionysus home

    I met Fearless Leader Joe at Arakawa today to bring Dionysus home. I’d lent the bike to FLJ on Nov. 8 to keep him occupied while he’s in Saitama on business, and he’s since racked up more than 1,000km on her (while I’ve been pretty slack). I didn’t blog about the ride up into Saitama…

  • Guy Jean’s Two-Wheeled Directional Elevation Maxim

    At any given branch in the road, the correct direction will prove to be the one going uphill. Guy Jean