Month: October 2020

  • 10% perception

    90% congestion On my commute this morning, I felt I just didn’t have my legs. My thighs were like jelly and I couldn’t push into any of the climbs. By contrast, on the way home in the evening I felt good and I was regularly pushing a little more, and a little more. Let’s see…

  • It’s not all struggling uphill in the rain

    It’s not all struggling uphill in the rain

    A rare photo of Fearless Leader Joe relaxing over sushi with Guy Jean and Nana. (As I recall, we talked bikes and books. Pretty much in that order.)

  • Sunshine and Spider Lilies

    Sunshine and Spider Lilies

    (and only a few drops of rain) The Halfakid was supposed to join me today for my first ride in more than a month (not counting a commute last Friday), but he had a tummy bug. Our last ride together was to Yokohama in the heat of August, when I was nearly overcome in the…