Month: September 2020

  • Rainy maintenance day

    Rainy maintenance day

    With typhoons battering western Japan and on-and-off rain in Tokyo, today was a good day for some maintenance. I had a few things I wanted to accomplish today: Seal the weeping sidewalls Replace the squeaky brake pads Wash my dirty bike Those darn weeping sidewalls Ever since I finally succeeded in converting Kuroko to tubeless,…

  • He’s a … phenomenon!

    Nice to see Greg has a sense of humour about it. #TDF2020 We caught Whitey a little tongue tied in yesterday’s finish… 🙊😂 Any chance of a lesson @CCCProTeam @GregVanAvermaet? — Mitchelton-SCOTT (@MitcheltonSCOTT) August 31, 2020 #TDF2020 Hey Whitey, we good now? 😉😜@MitcheltonSCOTT @GregVanAvermaet — CCC Team (@CCCProTeam) August 31, 2020