Cyclist standing in front of sign at Scottish border

Lejog pictures and places, Day 8

Sunday, June 23

Sunday morning, over a Full English breakfast, I let Fearless Leader Joe know that he’d be continuing solo. I was sidelined by saddle sores. We made a plan to continue to Penrith, where I would rent a car and continue to follow Joe up through Scotland. Unfortunately, we hadn’t counted on it’s being Sunday, and there were no rental places open when we arrived in Penrith. So we continued on together to Carlisle, where we had lunch and then found lodging for me for the night while FLJ continued onwards. And what a day he had! We’d already done 60km to reach Carlisle by lunchtime (after much faffing about in Penrith), but he put in another 100km before calling a stop for the night!

Thethwaite, Carlisle

Bicycle leaning against signpost in the countryside
That’s fine, but we’re going the other way

Cyclist standing in front of sign at Scottish border
Welcome to Scotland

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