Cyclist passing a road sign at Shap Fell Summit

Lejog pictures and places: Day 7

Saturday, June 22

Saturday — our planned day of rest — saw us on the road once more, making up lost time. We said goodbye to the canals here as we headed into the Lake District, but we did so in grand style. First we crossed the Lune Aqueduct, a canal on a bridge over a river, and then I found myself lending assistance to a canal boat whose motor had stopped.

River Lune

Cyclist standing next to canal on a bridge over a river
Canal on a bridge over a river


Man in cycling windbreaker and helmet pulling canal boat by a rope
My life as a canal mule

(Approximate location)

Just jumping ahead one moment: compare my windbreaker in that photo with the result after I’d returned to Tokyo and Nana had had a go with the washing.

Clean windbreaker hanging from hook on wall
The windbreaker after washing

Garnett Bridge

We reached Kendal, our goal for the previous evening, about 5 p.m. I was for stopping but FLJ was eager to take advantage of the remaining sunlight to get a leg up on the following day’s riding. We had quite a climb ahead of us — a Category 2 according to Strava. We passed through the lovely village of Garnett Bridge, but that was only the beginning of our climbing. We finally reached Shap Fell summit at 8:24 p.m. (Fearless Leader Joe far ahead and waiting patiently for me to come puffing up behind) and then flew down the next 10km to reach our lodging in Shap on the dot of 9 p.m.

Waterfall, Garnett Bridge

Cyclist standing on stone bridge
Bridge over the waterfall


Hilly English countryside with sheep
This vista brought to you by your thighs

Shap Fell Summit

Road winding down through hills
View from the top — of a Cat. 2 climb

Cyclist passing a road sign at Shap Fell Summit
Shap Fell Summit

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