Cyclist with a Police Community Support Officer

Lejog pictures and places: Day 6

Friday, June 21

In the morning, with Kuroko behaving better than she had all trip thanks to Ben’s ministrations, we ate our breakfast standing in an Asda parking lot and then (after some faffing about) found our way back to the canals.


Wrought iron signpost in a grass field
Canal marker

(Approximate location)

Barton Upon Irwell

With daily shortfalls of our riding goals and the time lost to the broken spokes, we knew we’d have to forfeit our rest day to get back on schedule. With that in mind we were pleased that the day progressed well, despite the coolness of the Manchester locals, and the only incident was another flat. (I’m happy to report it was our last flat of the trip.) As we were finishing up the repair, a community support officer dropped by to see if we needed help, and happily agreed to pose for a photo.

Cyclist in yellow windbreaker fixing a flat tire
Here we go again …

Cyclist with a Police Community Support Officer
Friendly Police Community Support Officer lends a hand

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