Bicycle frame tube showing rust including fingerprint oils

The legendary insomnia of ferric oxide

The weather has warmed up quite a bit and we’re on the verge of rainy season, two factors which taken together have lit the fires under the project to renew Ol’ Paint. With rust setting in again on the sanded surfaces, I’ve given up trying to get out the last vestiges of paint.

Bicycle frame and fork stripped of paint, showing a light coating of rust
It’s coming back, and it’s time for action

Bicycle frame tube showing rust including fingerprint oils
The FBI can probably have a field day with this

It took me less than half an hour with a 3M sheet to get the rust off and bring out the sheen. After that I turned my attention to masking off the areas that I don’t want the paint to reach.

Rust converter, masking tape and XactoUnpainted bicycle frame with bottom bracket and brake posts masked off
Rust converter, masking tape and Xacto knife

This is the first time I’ve actually tried masking and trimming with a knife, and my efforts definitely improved with each additional area masked off.

Cutting masking tape with Xacto knife
Totally posed shot with knife

Bicycle bottom bracket masked over before painting
Trimmed and ready

Tomorrow the weather is forecast to be good, so I’m going to try to do the final prep and start painting. With luck, one coat of primer and one coat of color.

Bicycle fork stripped of paint and masked for repainting
About forking time

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