Missed opportunities

We bought the Halfakid a Rockhopper back when he was in middle school and his mother — much to my surprise — listened to the salesperson’s totally cogent explanations of why we should invest in a quality bike rather than whatever cheap thing was available at the supermarket. (I note without any tinge of acrimony that he said mostly what I would have said if she had asked me, and the only difference was that rather than heap scorn upon him she actually paid attention to and accepted his recommendation.)

The Halfakid rode the bike throughout middle and high school. By the time he went off to college, he’d totally outgrown it, and so when it came time to move house I disposed of it. At that point it would have taken about US$200 to make it rideable again (all new rubber and cables, for starters). For the type of rebuild that I’m giving Ol’ Paint, of course, the cost would be much higher (even if I didn’t have to repaint it).

At the time of the move, though, the Ol’ Paint-style rebuild was not on the cards. I thought about the $200 kind of rebuild and then offering it to new staff at the office (we typically have 10-15 new arrivals from overseas per year), but once again, the frame size was for an early teen and not an adult.

Seeing this video, though, and having the ambition now and skills I’ve acquired in the meantime (and resources), I’d have certainly gone in another direction. I’m sure I’d have found a home for the finished product. 残念 (alors!)

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