Two packages of Jagwire cycling cable for brakes and shifters

The postman always rings twice

I checked the mailbox when I got home from work today and found a delivery notice from the post office. I checked the time on the notice: 16:32. And then the time on my phone: 16:39. I’d just missed him. (I’d stopped on the way home to shop for toilet paper, and I’m happy to report I got some.)

As soon as I’d changed and made myself a drink, I got onto the Japan Post website to reschedule the delivery. To my surprise, I was able to reschedule it for the same evening! I chose the 18:00-20:00 timeslot and sat back and waited.

The postman rang from the delivery entrance just two minutes before Nana walked in the door with her grocery shopping. A few minutes after that, our doorbell rang and there was the man, dripping wet from the rain, with my package.

Two packages of Jagwire cycling cable for brakes and shifters
Jagwire cables in carbon silver

These may be the last bits I need for Ol’ Paint’s rebirth — Jagwire cables. They’re not the top of the line (and neither is Ol’ Paint), but I think the carbon silver color will contrast nicely with the new paint.

(I still need to pick out a water bottle … or two.)

Japan Post is scaling back service considerably in the face of a labor shortage. I have to say I’m really spoiled by this kind of service, and I’ll miss it terribly when it’s gone. (Maybe I can work there after I retire … )

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