GPS records of commuting route

I’m back in the saddle again

After nearly a month passed since my last ride, I finally got back in the saddle this morning. In the meantime I’ve been busy, including a three-day trip to Kyushu, but the main thing keeping me off the bike was pain in my right knee.

After a few weeks of nursing the knee (including hobbling around Nagasaki and Kumamoto on a cane), I felt it was recovered enough to attempt the bike this morning. We’re on reduced hours at the office (a misguided effort to allow us to avoid the crowds on the trains during the coronavirus outbreak), so I was able to depart at a civilized 9 a.m. instead of 6:30 as I’d have to do normally.

My commute is all in traffic but it’s mostly flat. At just over 12km, it’s just far enough to make it worth riding. On a good day, in fact, I can cut about 10 minutes off what it would take me to get to the office by train.

Today, though, I was not in a rush. I was taking my time and spinning the pedals — not pushing hard — to avoid stress on the knee. And it came through with flying colors.

Surprisingly, traffic was heavier than I’m used to on this route. It’s possible that many people who are “working from home” are in fact out and about. But the additional traffic was a good reminder to take it at an easy pace and just get myself to the office.

In like a lion

When it was time to leave the office for home, I discovered I’d forgotten my house key. Nana was in a client meeting, so I had to cool my heels for a couple of hours at the office before setting off. I was fine — the bike has lights and they were charged up. The wind was, if anything, even stronger on the return, and at times I was fighting to stay upright and not to be blown into the path of traffic.

Our December mileage is identical!


Chart of cycling distance over the past 6 months
Getting a March on

With all the caveats, it was good to be back on two wheels. I discovered the derailleurs need even more adjustment following the latest upgrade, but I assume it’s nothing I can’t handle. (The possibility remains that I have no idea what I’m doing, as well … ) Overall, I was glad to post some March miles. Let’s see how much more I can get in before the lamb runs out at the end of the month.

GPS records of commuting route
I’m back in the saddle again

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