Bicycle with new chain installed

Damn your love, damn your lies

This time I remembered to peen the end of the connecting rivet.

Cutting a bicycle chain to length
Cutting to length
Bicycle with new chain installed
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain

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  1. […] the derailment. If I was on the road and miles from home, I’d whip out my multitool and shorten the chain a couple of links. As it is, I’ll be commuting on Dionysus tomorrow, and it’s going to rain the rest of […]

  2. […] chain, which is why the gears kept slipping. I’ve got less than 1,500km on this chain, having replaced it at the end of January, but I decided to go for a new one (not least because it would be too short after I removed the […]

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