Month: January 2020

  • Damn your love, damn your lies

    Damn your love, damn your lies

    This time I remembered to peen the end of the connecting rivet.

  • Smarter than the average biker

    When I was caught on trail yesterday with a broken chain and a chain tool that required another tool to operate, I didn’t realize I had the answer in my hands: As shown in the video, one of the tire levers includes a 4mm hex key that can be used with the chain tool. If…

  • Disaster strikes

    Disaster strikes

    Following the completion last weekend of Kuroko’s drivetrain upgrade, I finally set out Saturday on my first ride of the New Year. It’s a bit late for my first ride of the year — last year I did it on Jan. 6, with the Halfakid going for the first ride on his new bike. This…

  • Back in the saddle again

    Back in the saddle again

    Today I’m happy to report the end (or nearly so) of the saga of Kuroko’s drivetrain upgrade. I had three goals in the upgrade: A further improvement in climbing, from a larger rear cassette Sorting out an issue with a sticking front shifter And performing another (and hopefully last for some time) bottom bracket replacement…

  • Light at the end of the bottom bracket

    Light at the end of the bottom bracket

    Last weekend, the Halfakid and I were stymied in our attempt to insert a new bottom bracket by the lack of the proper tool. I ordered the tool from Amazon in the US and today I picked up where we left off. Unfortunately the Halfakid was not available to continue to help me today. The…

  • Screwloose


    Yesterday when we were putting a new rear derailleur on Kuroko we discovered that some of the screws for the modular dropout were missing — in fact, most of them were missing. And from the looks of the recesses in the frame, one of them has been missing at least since my ride in England.…

  • Kuroko maintenance continues

    Kuroko maintenance continues

    Today, with the help of the Halfakid, I picked up where I’d left off the maintenance of Kuroko, begun more than a month ago! At that time I decided I would replace the bottom bracket (again) as the bearings (just four or five months old at this point) were making a bit of noise, and…