Cleaned and greased

Loosened front derailleur showing mud build-up
More English mud

Kuroko was delivered home Thursday evening. I quickly reassembled her (just put on the front wheel and raised the saddle) and left her on the balcony.

Today I put her back in the stand to readjust the derailleurs. The shifting was fine during the Tour de Tohoku, but there was occasionally some noise and I thought I could improve on that. I was focusing on the front derailleur so as a first step I found some misalignment there. And when I loosened the clamp to realign the derailleur, I found more English mud!

After I spent a few minutes cleaning off the mud, I greased up the bolt in preparation for realigning the derailleur.

Fresh grease on the front derailleur clamp bolt
Probably too much grease

I spent a good long time aligning the derailleur and adjusting the cable tension. Once the front was done I ran through the gears on the back and made some adjustments there as well until I was satisfied. Kuroko is now shifting through all the gears (at least on the workstand) better than at any point since Ben sorted her out.

Bicycle resting against balcony railing
Sitting pretty

With the shifting out of the way, I readjusted the saddle (cleaning and greasing that seat post clamp bolt as I did so) and put on the freshly charged lights. After putting the pump back in place, I was done for the day.

Bicycle in bike parking garage
Back to where you once belonged

We’re expecting rain for the next couple of days, so the next ride is likely to be a commute on Tuesday.

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