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More tune, more up

The forecast was for rain today, and Nana and I made plans (including sitting at home waiting for a box of spokes). I thought it would be a good opportunity to tune up Kuroko a bit more. On last week’s ride the shifting worked fine, although the gears were still making a bit of noise. And the rear brake could use a bit of tightening up.

Bike stand, spare wheel and tarp on balcony
Working at a higher level

As it turns out, today has been cloudy, hot and humid, but there’s been no sign of rain. I waited for Nana to go off to the spa and then got Kuroko up in the stand once again. I went over and over the derailleur adjustment, front and rear, and shifted through the whole range of gears repeatedly. I’m pretty sure everything is going to be fine now.

The rear brake was at the limit of the barrel adjuster, so I tightened up the cable a bit. At the same time, I checked the rear thruaxle. It has a way of working loose. It’s all good now.

To spare my back, I raised the bike stand up a bit higher than I have in the past. It allowed me to get at the gear and brake adjustment without bending over.

Finally, with a bit of water and a soft towel, I cleaned up yet more mud that Kuroko had brought home from England. Every time I look, I find a bit more.

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